total quality

One of the main challenges for GMP is to reduce the impact of its production activities on the environment and sustainable growth of the organisation. For this reason in 2011 GMP adopted the international ISO 14001 standard in order to keep the value of their business high, but at the same time to effectively manage environmental responsibility.
With the development and implementation of a solid management and keeping their environmental performance under control, GMP is now able to:

  • Meet the increasingly high expectations of customers, in terms of corporate social responsibility.
  • Improve operation, thanks to a rationalisation of the supply chain needs.
  • Reduce waste, waste production and therefore operating costs.
  • Monitor and reduce energy consumption by choosing energy supplies from renewable sources.
  • Ensure compliance with legislative requirements in the environmental context.

GMP quality is the pivot around which our whole organisational system operates.  
Since 2004 GMP has been certified according to international standard UNI EN ISO 9001, therefore, the systematic collection and analysis of the performance of corporate processes, combined with the monitoring of the quality of our suppliers, allows us to maintain a very high standard of supply.
Attention to the demands and needs expressed by our Customers is a very important source of inspiration for us, which allows us to maintain close relationships with the customer developing joint projects for continuous improvement.
In order to increase Customer satisfaction, the GMP management board forecasts systematic asa-ichi meetings, to discuss quality deviations to eliminate causes at the roots with appropriate corrective action.
The quality control department is equipped with all sorts of instruments to perform all necessary in progress and final product controls on the product to ensure the customer a supply that always meets the requested specifications.